Johnson County Humane Society

Johnson County Humane Society is committed to supporting and promoting the humane treatment of all animals, including companion animals and community cats, in the Johnson County, Iowa community.

Ways to Donate

We will use your donations to continue caring for free roaming cats in our local communities by providing food, spay and neuter, vaccines, needed medical care, and microchipping! We rely on donations to fund our services.  We hope you will consider us!

Pay with PayPal

Use the button to directly make a donation to Johnson County Humane Society using PayPal.

Mail Donation

If you prefer to send in your donation, mail your check to:

Johnson County Humane Society

PO Box 2775

Iowa City, IA 52244-2775

Community Cat Colony Management 

Community cat colonies are managed through established feeding sites, TNR programs and loving caregivers. 

TNR Programs 

At Johnson County Humane Society, we are dedicated to combating overpopulation of community cats. By humanely trapping, neutering and returning cats to a well managed colony, we prevent the vacuum effect from occurring which allows an influx of unaltered cats when others are removed. 

Florence Unash Neuter Program - fillable form.pdf

Unash Spay/Neuter Application